How i claimed my PPI

I found out that making a PPi claim is dead easy. You don’t need to employ a lawyer or get an expert - it’s all very easy. First i looked up the paperwork for my credit card (good job i keep all that junk!) so i could see the date when I took it out and the details of the payment protection insurance i was signed up for. Then I looked at the different reasons wy PPI may have been missold and i saw that one of those reasons applied to me (no it wasn’t the one that was that I was already retired!).

Then i downloaded a PPI claim form and just filled in the blanks. i lookedup the details of the address for the credit card company online and sent the letter off to them.

A couple of weeks later i got a letter saying they were looking into it. i didn’t hear anything for like 3 months or so then i got a letter saying its all ok, you get your money back.

Now another three weeks has passed and the cheque has arrived in the post - woop woop



PLEASE HELP! My friend got her handmade Sailor Mercury Computer stolen at Anime Boston 2014. Please REBLOG! I really hope her computer gets found.


Okay guys and girls Theresa needs your help. This is my hand made Sailor Mercury computer to go along with my sailor scout costume it took me a while to make, and its very awesome. This weekend I got the screen signed by three voice actors/actresses of Sailor Moon, and while at the convention it was stolen. If anyone has seen someone with it besides me, knows something about it, or spots it on ebay/etsy/or any other selling website please let me know. It’s not valuable, its just very important to me. ;^; I checked every lost and found as well just in case it showed up but it never did. So please all my convention friends please help me find it. Please.

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